Festive Fun at Florentyna Dawn

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Festive Fun at Florentyna

Another year gone, Mother of the Brides and Grooms can come and go

But Christmas is every year, I wish it would snow.

This is the time that young and old propose,

It just needs Rudolph with his shiny red nose.


Wedding preparations begin years in advance

Got to give the Groom time to learn the first dance.

Bridesmaids are chosen, dresses are designed,

Now for the Mums to search for a find.

Should I match, should I stand out?

It’s your son/daughter’s wedding, so you have some clout.


Long or short, flowing or cute,

We have all the outfits to suit.

Not only that, we’ve hats, bags and shoes,

When you start trying on, you’ve nothing to lose.


Our staff are professional, interested and caring,

You’ll find other Mothers with stories for sharing

About how they struggle to find their right size,

Whilst here in the shop, outfits are before your very eyes.


Hats made to match, jackets and wraps,

We even tell you how to pose for the snaps!

As clients who find an outfit which goes

They remember the mantra ‘Adopt the pose’!


So, you Mums, scoff those mince pies,

You can ignore your bums, tums and thighs

Until next year when you may start your diet

And come to our shop for an outfit where you can try it (on).

If you want fun and support, not stressful or torn,

Come to Hazel Grove, to Florentyna Dawn.


Sorry about this ridiculous blog,

I’ve been at the chocolates, I’ve been at the grog.

So raise your glasses and have some sweet sherry,

This is the start of Mums being merry.


Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all the would-be brides and grooms, Mother’s of the Brides and Mother’s of the Grooms from Gail, Joan, Lesley, Dawn and Helen.


Florentyna Dawn

Beautiful Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits in flattering styles to suit any shape.