Ideal Home, Ideal Woman, Free Tickets

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Ideal Home, Ideal Woman, Free tickets


“I’ve just bought a new mixer.”  “I’ve got a cordless no-bag suction hoover.”  “My new Le Creuset whistling kettle is amazing!”  “Is this your new season ticket for Manchester City that has just come through the door?”  How often have you been talking to your friends and come out with phrases such as these?


As a woman, especially when I was younger, I wanted my house to be as perfect as possible; my children to join in school activities and I put everyone else before me.  If I look back over the years, what a massive proportion of disposable income went on things that were non-essential.  It was just ‘stuff’.  Thank goodness, now I am older, I have realised that I need ‘treats’ rather more than my house does.


Florentyna Dawn, although specialising in Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom wear, has a fabulous casual garment selection.  It is amazing how a sparkly top can boost one’s spirits as well as jazz up a wardrobe ready for the party season.  Fur wraps; sequinned tops; scarves ideal for Christmas gifts and slippers to weep over are all on our stand at the Ideal Home Exhibition at Even City by the Trafford Centre.  So forget a new sofa or mirror in the run up to Christmas, a roof garden or summer house.  Garden tools are not needed until next spring and neither is an enormous outdoor pizza oven.  So find our stand and nuzzle up to the soft woollen fabrics; be dazzled by the sequins and diamante tops; dream of a cosy night by the fire in our glamourous slippers; imagine an evening out in a faux fur poncho – prepare to be blown away by our new range.


Not only that, you have the chance to win free tickets to the exhibition, which is open from Thursday 10 November to Sunday 13 November inclusive.  See our face book page for details.


Have a great visit and spoil yourself!

Florentyna Dawn

Beautiful Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits in flattering styles to suit any shape.