The Moment – Good Luck Team GB

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The Moment


Well, we’ve been waiting for 4 years and, at last, it’s here – RIO – red, indigo and orange – some of the many colours we do in our range of Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom outfits.  Oh yes, it’s also the Olympic Games.  We wait with baited breath for the opening ceremony – the pomp, the flags, the British blazers.  We are led to believe that Stella McCartney designed the men’s swimwear – what’s not to love?


The main thing we know about Brazil is the fun, the colours, the dressing up, the parades, the posing and the fabulous end results.  Here, at Florentyna Dawn, we make the experience for Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom, when choosing what to wear, an enjoyable, if not as flamboyant as visiting vibrant Brazil.  We have so many styles, designs, colours and accessories, that people might find it overwhelming.  The pressure of a wedding, choosing an outfit that will not clash/offend/be the same colour as the other Mother of the Bride/Groom can cause traumas for the most level-headed of people, so our well-trained staff always try to have fun with our clients by allowing them to feel relaxed and not intimidated.


Trying on clothes anytime can be stressful, but for an important occasion such as a wedding, special anniversary or birthday, the pressure is on.  At Florentyna Dawn, we do both off the peg and made to measure for size 6 to 50+.  We are all different shapes and sizes and have hang-ups about ‘bits’ of our bodies that others probably don’t even notice.  Being embarrassed is not something that happens when looking for a Mother of the Bride or Groom outfit here.  It is positively therapeutic with a stunning and sometimes emotional finish for the Mother of the Bride/Groom in question. That is why we have so many wedding pictures in the shop and on the website, from Mothers of Brides and Grooms who have felt as if they were on the podium wearing a gold medal.  Gold is also a fabulous colour for a wedding, as are silver and bronze.


Good luck Team GB – we are behind you all the way!


Florentyna Dawn

Beautiful Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits in flattering styles to suit any shape.