Our Best tips for Dressing the Mother of the Bride

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Our Best Tips for Dressing the Mother of the Bride

The thought of having to buy an outfit for the daughter’s wedding can often send some ladies into a panic! Most of us don’t shop for formal or semi—formal attire everyday, and the prospect of everyone they know and love all sitting in one place and watching them can be off-putting for some – exactly how the bride feels too sometimes!  Obviously every mother wants to look her very best for her child’s wedding, but where should they begin? There are so many fashionable choices available that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Thankfully the team here at Florentyna Dawn are experts when it comes to dressing ladies for special occasions, so we have put together some pointers for you to help make the process as easy as possible.

Listen To the Bride

The bride will have a set idea of how she wants her wedding to look – be it a formal black tie affair, a country wedding in a barn, or a modern day shabby chic event. As a mum, you will probably be involved in all aspects of the planning, so listen to what the bride and groom want for the day, and take your cues from that. Think about the degree of formality, any colour schemes, etc. You are one of the most important members of the wedding party, so make sure you look the part.

Colour Is Very Important

It is widely accepted that the Mother of the Bride’s dress should complement the colour scheme of the wedding although it doesn’t have to match exactly.  It may be an idea to wait until your daughter has chosen her bridesmaid dresses before you begin shopping, as then you should be able to get a swatch of fabric to take with you to enable you to choose a colour that harmonises.  Traditionally it has been said that you should never wear the same colour as the Bride – she needs to be the star of the show on the day. But nowadays it is really down to the Bride, if she is happy with you wearing White or Ivory then so be it.

Keep In Mind the Venue

Weddings take place almost anywhere these days, so you don’t always have to stick to the dress and jacket option – as long as it is appropriate for the event.  Make sure you take the venue, religious or cultural customs and possible weather forecast into account when choosing your outfit. Some wedding venues request that ladies arms are covered, so you will need an outfit with a jacket or shawl for these occasions.

Shop as Early as Possible

Although it is wise to wait until the bride has fixed on her bridesmaid dress colour before you start shopping for your outfit, don’t leave it until the last minute. We know how easy it is for Mum’s to get caught up in making sure that everything is perfect for their daughters special day, but don’t underestimate how long it may take you to find the right outfit.  All the bespoke Florentyna Dawn outfits we offer can be made up in over 100 different fabrics and colourway, as well as around 2500 outfits that can be bought off the peg, so you will need time to find the right shape and colour for you, and then our seamstresses need time to make it or carry out alterations.

Also, it is tradition that the Mother of the Bride buys her outfit first and then shares her choice with the Mother of the Groom – so that they don’t end up in the same. Therefore, it would be a nice gesture to ensure that the Groom’s mother has a good amount of time to have items made or altered for herself too.

Enjoy It

At the end of the day, it should be another enjoyable part of the wedding planning.  Take some risks, try some things on you normally wouldn’t and have a play around with fashion.

A little time spent choosing just the right outfit for you will ensure that on the day you feel comfortable, confident and look fantastic. The focus of the day will be on the bride and groom, but we never forget that it is a special day for mum and dad too. So let us make it a memorable occasion for everyone.

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