Can I Wear This?

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Can I wear this?

So many people ask us this question.

Whether the question is ‘ can Mother of the Bride wear this?…………. Or is this too much?

A lot of it is down to personal taste.  Some Mother’s of the Bride or Groom like a bit of lace and sparkle other Mother’s of the Bride or Groom feel they can only wear plain colours.  All that matters is that YOU FEEL AMAZING on your special day.

Whether it’s your own  wedding and you’re the Bride or your Mother of the Bride or Groom you want to look and feel good.  It’s important not just to look fabulous but also to  feel fabulous.  You need to feel comfortable in your outfit that’s what is so special  about our own bespoke Florentyna Dawn  made to measure range.  We create the outfit to fit you and its available in a wide range of colours and sizes from 6 to 50 specially made for you.

Nobody is completely happy with their body shape, everyone has something they want to camouflage a little. This is where we excel we don’t just provide the standard off the peg outfits, we have something for all shapes and sizes.

We have stunning outfits for both Mother’s of the Bride and Mother’s of the Groom  by Lewis Henry, Ann Balon, Penguin, Veromia, John Charles and Ronald Joyce to name but a few.  We also have available a wide range of outfits from our own bespoke exclusive collection which are available in  many colours, fabrics and sizes bespoke to fit YOU. That way you will look and feel amazing on your special day.

Size isn’t and shouldn’t be an issue, you need to feel special no matter what size you are and we are here to assist you for every occasion.

Florentyna Dawn

Beautiful Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits in flattering styles to suit any shape.